On-demand ridesharing

Our integrated mobility on demand solutions improve cost-efficiency and service levels in all locations.
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Environmentally sustainable
door-to-door ridesharing


Upgrade feeder to trunk routes
with on-demand services


Restore better service with demand responsive public transportation (DRT)

Kyyti’s on-demand ridesharing is based on automated fleet management and dynamic pricing, ensuring efficiency in capacity usage.

This means that service operators such as private taxis can organize their daily rides effectively and choose the size of the vehicles by the amount of people joining the ride. For example, instead of using a taxi for just one customer, other customers can join the ride and split the cost.

A solution for every location

In urban areas, there are several transportation options and service operators in operation. Ridesharing optimizes these to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for all.

In suburban areas, on-demand ride sharing will increase or even upgrade the level of transportation services.

In rural areas, service operators can scale up/restore their business by also delivering mail, online shopping orders, local newspapers, food, and medicine with the same ride.

Kyyti is able to focus on the existing public on-demand transit capacity for:

Non-critical medical care
Riders with disabilities
Students and teachers
Senior citizens

There is also the possibility to share these rides with paying “private” customers.

Organize hobby madness

For parents, especially those in rural areas, managing their children’s hobbies can be difficult. Hundreds of hours every year are spent carting kids from school to hobbies and back. Without lifts, kids need a reliable and safe means of transportation to get from A to B.

Kyyti has provided an efficient on-demand ridesharing solution based on cooperation with shuttle bus drivers. Parents and guardians can use the Kyyti app to book buses and transport for their children, and then follow up on its progress, ensuring complete safety and reliability.

Mobility services for employers

Enjoy cost-savings and value-added benefits by using Kyyti with your employees. Remove the need for expensive company cars, taxi rides between meetings, and the renting out of parking spaces.

We provide tailored products, pricing, and employee subsidization management alongside our invoicing and reporting system to minimize administration.

See how our solutions have helped employers around the world

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