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Kyyti is a digital MaaS platform that transforms the whole transport network and its users into a unified mobility management system.
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We offer one simple-to-use app within our platform which allows travelers to plan and pay for the whole travel chain by simply choosing all the services needed to get from A-B. 

The chain might include buses, subways, trains, aviation, ferries, private taxis, shared taxis, rental cars, car sharing, city bikes, city scooters, etc.


Not just an app – a whole platform

MaaS is an ecosystem of digital solutions to facilitate efficient and environmentally sustainable door-to-door travel.

In addition to the public transport route planner, Kyyti’s MaaS platform has already been connected to a variety of highly intuitive APIs for other services and is easy to integrate with other systems.

Kyyti has two Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) solutions for providers designed to fill the gap between single party taxis and fixed route buses.

The platform can simultaneously have different pricing structures and levels for different types of users such as the general public, government-aided riders, and employees of particular companies.

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Kyyti platform overview

The platform can be scaled from small pilots to large scale transportation systems.

White label solution

  • Customize branding
  • User account & Payments
  • Support tools integrations
  • Ticketing
  • Routing
  • Transport
  • Personalization and localization
  • On-demand service
  • Monitoring
  • Ridesharing capabilities
  • Real-time data
  • Static data
  • Support tool integrations
  • Payment integrations

Kyyti’s white-label and turnkey MaaS platform was designed to not only create a great travel experience for users, but as a tool for agencies and authorities to fill service gaps, better match supply to demand, and to conduct consumer response experiments.

Our platform provides the best analytics to support customer’s brand and development.

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