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What is MaaS?

MaaS, also known as Mobility-as-a-Service or Mobility on Demand, brings all modes of transport together into one place where users can pay with a single account and is accessible “on-demand”, i.e when needed.

Why does MaaS matter?

The travel chain is broken. People still forgo public transport for their private cars because they can’t get to/from local public transport stops easily. 

MaaS is an eco-friendly alternative to get users from door-to-door. It removes the hassle from planning and paying for travel and is the most cost-effective solution for users and transport operators alike.


MaaS Platform

Our MaaS platform includes an entire ecosystem of digital solutions and modes of transport to facilitate easy door-to-door travel.

Including a white-label app, fleet management systems, and integrated planning and business tools, our scalable platform connects everything together in one place.

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On-demand ridesharing

Life’s better when you share. On-demand ridesharing means that instead of using a taxi for just one customer, you allow other customers to join the ride, too.

No fixed schedules. No fixed routes. Our system is demand responsive meaning greater cost-efficiency and better service in rural areas.

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On-demand ridesharing
Mobility Data Analytics

Mobility Data Analytics

Kyyti’s analytics give the traveler the best possible recommendations and responds efficiently to the changes in the system using custom-built AI. 

Our mobility data analytics create new scaling capabilities for transit networks and fleet operators that previously were unavailable.

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