New CDO Timo Lönnberg

Kyyti Chief Development Officer (CDO) Timo Lönnberg

Kyyti Group’s new Chief Development Officer (CDO) Timo Lönnberg has 20 years experience in logistics and transportation management of goods and people. Following the 12 years entrepreneurship in freight forwarding, he had 7 years assignment as a CEO of Kymenlaakson Taksi, he managed many diverse developer teams of digital dispatch systems and was he was a planner and creator of … Read More

New CCO Heikki Juuri-Oja

Kyyti Chief Communications Officer (CCO) Heikki Juuri-Oja

Kyyti Group’s new Chief Communications Officer (CCO) is Heikki Juuri-Oja. Heikki has a long and versatile background as a journalist. He has worked as a reporter, a photographer, an editor, a layout editor, a producer and an editor-in-chief. His career started in regional newspaper Satakunnan Kansa and continued in nationwide business news organisation Kauppalehti. Heikki’s long time personal passion has … Read More