Public transit, go MaaS yourself!

By Pekka Möttö, Kyyti Group CEO Dear You, responsible for the public transit in your area, this is a letter for you. You probably have had a long and prosperous career already and you think you have seen it all. Or you might be a young talent with your head full of fresh ideas and eagerness to put them into … Read More

Partnership of Kyyti Group , GoOV and DAT.Mobility to offer the most advanced turnkey MaaS solutions

Kyyti attending ITS European congress

Finnish MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) platform provider Kyyti Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Dutch-based GoOV and DAT.Mobility. The objective is to establish MaaS services first in the Netherlands, starting with the B2B and B2G markets. Kyyti Group offers MaaS solutions for public transit authorities, transport operators, and large enterprises. GoOV has developed an app for guidance of disabled travelers … Read More

Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, Autonomy: Mobility as a “Public” Service in Cities

It’s important urbanites have the best possible mobility options available to them and a fast and convenient way to take advantage of them.

Part of the speech delivered by Ross Douglas at the Prague City Data Congress on 30 May 2019: “It is, of course not simple to build and deploy a MaaS platform, but this is where private companies offering white label MaaS solutions step in. Companies such as Alstom’s Mastria,  Door2Door, SkedGo, Kyyti and Moovit can provide the technology and tools  cities need to run their … Read More

The most interesting companies in the circular economy in Finland

“The most interesting companies in the circular economy” is a list compiled by Sitra to showcase Finland’s most inspiring examples of the circular economy. Sitra is using the list as a way to challenge Finnish companies to meet the changing needs of the world. Kyyti Group was accepted on this exclusive list on the 16th of May 2019. “We are very … Read More

Kyyti Group one of the Sustainable Mobility Challenge Winners

Swedish Energy Agency’s innovation competition winners are changing everyday travel. Press Release May 14th, 2019 We’re proud to announce three winners in the global innovation competition Sustainable Mobility Challenge. The aim of the competition has been to find sustainable services for everyday travel that are attractive enough to reduce the need to own a private car. The winners, from three … Read More

Kyyti Group and Roboride cooperate

Press Release 3.5.2019 | For immediate release Smart mobility start-up companies, Kyyti Group Oy and Roboride Oy, have agreed on close cooperation. The world has growing interest in Finnish transport expertise, and both companies are pioneers in their fields. Kyyti Group is a MaaS platform supplier (Mobility-as-a Service) specializing in enabling door-to-door travel chains combining multiple mobility modes. Roboride is … Read More

MaaS is a solution. What’s the problem?

MaaS is a solution. Whats the problem

By Pekka Möttö, Kyyti Group CEO | I was presenting the MaaS concept for a group of city officials in a medium sized European city. It was fair to assume that the audience is well educated about the topic. The first question after the presentation was: What is the problem you are solving? That was a very good question and … Read More

Nordic Mobility Innovation Platform – Building the NMT of Mobility

By Filip Djupsjöbacka, Business Architect, Kyyti Group | Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) was the world’s first fully-automatic cellular network that allowed for international roaming. Created in the 1980’s through the collaboration of Nordic telecom administrations, the free and open specifications of NMT allowed many companies to produce compatible hardware, push down prices and make mobile phones a feature of every … Read More

KYSELY: Voisiko treenikyytipalvelu helpottaa arkeasi?

Onko perheelläsi haasteita ehtiä kuljettaa lapsesi treeneihin? Voisitko käyttää kuljetuksiin kuluttamasi ajan jotenkin toisin? Toivoisitko, että lapsesi voisi kulkea treeneihin itsenäisesti, mutta matka on liian pitkä tai vaikea? Kaipaisitko mobiilisovellusta, jolla voisit tilata lapsen turvalliset treenikuljetukset ja pysyä tilanteen tasalla aikatauluista? Olisiko hyvä, että lapsesi treenit alkaisivat jo iltapäivällä, ja niihin olisi kuljetus suoraan koululta? Iltapäivisin hallien vuokrat ovat edullisempia … Read More