Nordic Mobility Innovation Platform – Building the NMT of Mobility

By Filip Djupsjöbacka, Business Architect, Kyyti Group | Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) was the world’s first fully-automatic cellular network that allowed for international roaming. Created in the 1980’s through the collaboration of Nordic telecom administrations, the free and open specifications of NMT allowed many companies to produce compatible hardware, push down prices and make mobile phones a feature of every Nordic household.

This story of cooperation and innovation across the Nordics has inspired Kyyti Group to team up with Sweden’s UbiGo, RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and Norway’s Transportøkonomisk institutt to create the Nordic Mobility Innovation Platform. Funded by Nordic Innovation, the NMIP is an open innovation platform that will create open technological and commercial standards for MaaS in the Nordics and beyond, enabling roaming between MaaS operators, reducing barriers to enter the MaaS market and facilitating the sharing of mobility research and data.

The NMIP team has just published an ambitious vision and roadmap for the project that provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of mobility in the Nordics. The report is freely available from RISE’s website:

Nordic Mobility Innovation Platform Report: : A roadmap for seamless, multimodal, sustainable transportation within and among the Nordic countries

This report is sponsored by Nordic Innovation’s Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity Program.

The NMIP team is currently building a consortium of MaaS providers, transportation operators and research institutes for the second stage of the project, kicking off in Fall 2019. If you would like to participate or just learn more, don’t hesitate to drop a line to [email protected]. Let’s build the future of Nordic mobility together.


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