Kyyti shared taxi ride service expands in Turku region – The service has already had thousand of users​  


Shared taxi ride service Kyyti expands in Turku region to Naantali, Kaarina and Ruissalo. The service which started in Turku on June 2017 has already had thousands of users. Special operations to Naantali Spa and Ruissalo Spa will take place on Autumn 2017.​​Kyyti shared taxi ride service expands in Turku region on Thu 21 September at 12.00. The new areas are Naantali, Kaarina and Ruissalo. The service has already had thousands of users and hundreds of daily users since it started on June 2017. ” I did not expect this great start in Turku.” says Kyyti Group CEO Pekka Möttö. ”After all our service is new technology and demands use of mobile application. The popularity of the service in just a short time shows that there has been a demand for service like Kyyti in Turku city.” Möttö continues.

Kyyti currently functions also in Oulu and Tampere. Technology which has been developed in Finland has also been noticed around the globe. Kyyti technology was just widely presented on Slush Singapore. Slush Singapore gathers the hottest tech start-ups from all around the world to Asia. The first international Kyyti pilots will be announced already on this autumn. ”Finland is one of the leading countries in the world in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) development. The governement supports the collaboration with the traditional transporation companies and new tech start-ups like us.” Möttö says.

Shared taxi rides can be ordered with free Tuup -application. There are no any extra fees such as starting payment or pre-order fees. The next step for the company is to develop the app to answer even better the wishes of customers. Kyyti works in Turku in partnership with local and legal transportation operators. Read more on information:
Pekka Möttö, Tel. +358 44 9742477, [email protected]
Joonas Jalo, Tel. +358 40 8449900[email protected]

Pekka Ruuska, +358 40 7634369, [email protected]

Information about Kyyti:
Kyyti approach Mobility as a Service by solving the first and last mile problem with on-demand ride sharing solution. Kyyti connects ride sharing with other digital mobility services with appropriate interfaces. Kyyti evolves from on-demand solution to a multimodal MaaS app making your daily traveling easy and sustainable. Kyyti functions now in Tampere, Turku and Oulu in Finland. Tuup app developed by Kyyti was selected as the Best Mobile App in Finland in 2017 in Utility and Infotainment category.

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