New CDO Timo Lönnberg

Kyyti Chief Development Officer (CDO) Timo Lönnberg

Kyyti Group’s new Chief Development Officer (CDO) Timo Lönnberg has 20 years experience in logistics and transportation management of goods and people. Following the 12 years entrepreneurship in freight forwarding, he had 7 years assignment as a CEO of Kymenlaakson Taksi, he managed many diverse developer teams of digital dispatch systems and was he was a planner and creator of efficient operating models for operative taxi fleet, focusing in combining trips for multiple public and private customers and dividing the expenses using modern digital processes in franchise based operator network. Timo has a diverse administrative and operative contact network and he is a well-respected executive and co-worker.
“I am very passionate and excited in having this opportunity to work with Kyyti’s excellent team and world-class professionals in the intelligent mobility service development. We are very determined to provide new tools for communities and businesses and help them develop their commuting, business travelling and all other forms of mobility in Finnish and global markets. I have been daydreaming for years of being part of a top team serving the whole community and providing practical new solutions for the already existing market demand. My task is to merge Kyyti’s revolutionary concepts of mobility with operative companies and consumers.”

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