New CCO Heikki Juuri-Oja

Kyyti Chief Communications Officer (CCO) Heikki Juuri-Oja

Kyyti Group’s new Chief Communications Officer (CCO) is Heikki Juuri-Oja. Heikki has a long and versatile background as a journalist. He has worked as a reporter, a photographer, an editor, a layout editor, a producer and an editor-in-chief. His career started in regional newspaper Satakunnan Kansa and continued in nationwide business news organisation Kauppalehti. Heikki’s long time personal passion has been boating in all its variations. He was the first editor-in-chief of boating magazine Venemestari and later a long-term reporter in Vene-magazine. Heikki has also worked as a professional boating and navigation instructor.
Kyyti Group’s new CCO challenges Heikki welcomes with open mind and full of energy:
“I’m now surrounded with brilliant and passionate people, who have a clear vision and also first-rate technical knowhow how to realize this vision. My job is to think about The Big Picture and ensure, that the whole world will find out the exceptional excellence of Kyyti Group.”
“Kyyti Group provides a unique MaaS-platform, which includes one easy-to-use app to help plan and pay for a person’s whole travel chain, regardless of the form of transportation. Only the easiest to use and most reliable solutions will survive in this fiercely competitive business.”

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