Linköping will be the first to develop a city wide MaaS-operation

Press release 2019-12-11

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted six million Swedish crowns for a new mobility service to be launched in Linköping. Eight stakeholders will collaborate to build a user friendly digital platform which aims to increase the use of sustainable mobility services. An app will make it easy for the citizens of Linköping to have a comprehensive view of the supply of both public transport offerings and the available shared modes of mobility. It will also become easier to choose between and pay for the shared mobility choices.

The project will have its focus on new mobility solutions which people will use to be mobile within the city. The new service will gather different mobility options and tailor a trip according to the user’s needs. The app will include route planning, booking, ticketing, payment and real time information on, for example, shared bikes, rental cars, shared cars and public transport. By making the combining of different mobility modes easier the city will become more accessible, the available resources will be used more effectively and at the same time it will contribute to the city’s goal of being carbon dioxide neutral by 2025.

– The rapidly increasing digitalization has made it possible for a new market for smarter mobility solutions to emerge. Through service integrations such as the parking app LinPark together with sharing services like the electric bike pooling service LinBike and public transport the offering of new services will be made more agile for the user and the aim is also to lower the threshold to use and to combine services, says Matts Skeppstedt, Dukaten’s market- and business developer.

Linköping is the first Swedish municipality and one of the first parties in the world to grasp the whole concept called MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) at city level. This is a unique project which can become a template and a model for different cities around the world.

– It’s fantastic that we can now make this service a reality after two years of gathering knowledge regionally and creating a good ecosystem of stakeholders. Many European cities have shown interest in following Linköping’s path, says Sandra Viktor from the Mjärdevi Science Park which has been the local project leader for the national initiative Sustainable Mobility Challenge, operated by the The Swedish Energy Agency whose purpose is to increase knowledge, stimulate development and to operate mobility service implementations in Sweden.

The project is introduced and will be further led by the municipality of Linköping and Sankt Kors. The new MaaS-service will be tentatively launched during the Summer, in connection with new contract between Östgötatrafiken and Linköping.

– Public transport plays an exceedingly important role in the cities of the future. To make more people leave their private cars at home combining public transport with the pallett of different mobility options must be made as simple as possible with the user’s wishes and needs in mind, says Sofia Malander, CEO of Östgötatrafiken.

Kyyti Group will be responsible for the technical solution, in the long run Dukaten will operate and develop the service after the project ends in June 2021.

The following stakeholders are behind the new mobility project : the municipality of Linköping, Dukaten, Östgötatrafiken, Stångåstaden, Kyyti Group, Ciao Ciao Carsharing, Science Park Mjärdevi, VTI.

Other stakeholders co-operating in the service with their time and expertise : Region of Östergötland, municipality of Norrköping, Nira Dynamics, Actia Nordic, Combitech, SICK IVP, Gävle kommun, Sandbacka Science Park.

For more information, please contact:
Matts Skeppstedt
Phone: +46 13 20 54 11
[email protected]

Dukaten Parking belongs to Sankt Kors Fastighets AB. Dukaten works towards sustainable mobility in co-operation with different stakeholders by affecting the municipality’s parking strategy.

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