Kyyti and PostBus Switzerland sign business cooperation

Kyyti ride-sharing service and PostBus Switzerland have started business cooperation in Switzerland. The pilot focus is to develop dynamic ride-sharing service in order to support the network of the leading bus operator in Switzerland. The technology being used in the pilot is developed in Finland and tested with Kyyti in four major cities in Finland.PostBus is a subsidiary company of the Swiss Post and the leading bus company in Switzerland’s public transport network., The company provides regional and rural bus services throughout Switzerland, France and Liechtenstein. The company has 2200 buses, operates 882 routes and carries over 150 million passengers per year.

Its trademark – the three-tone horn and the yellow Postbuses – are part of Switzerland’s cultural identity. The PostBus brand embodies the values of reliability, security and trust “PostBus is one of the world´s leading companies when it comes to public transportation. The company has credible history and iconic position in Switzerland, but at the same time it is globally well known for the attitude to utilize new technology in order to create the future of mobility. We are proud that they selected us as their partner to develop dynamic and flexible solution to solve the first and last mile problem. For us this is a great opportunity to show what our technology is truly capable to perform,“ says Kyyti Group´s CEO Pekka Möttö.

“We are developing together with Kyyti Group a new dynamically priced mobility service which enables shared capacity and optimized use of the fleet in both urban and rural areas.,” says Martina Müggler, Head of Mobility development at PostBus Switzerland.

Kyyti ride-sharing service is currently functioning in four major cities in Finland. Earlier this year, the company has announced export deals to USA and Vietnam.

Information about Kyyti:

Kyyti Group develop the world´s first Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution with on-demand capabilities. Kyyti means “ride” in Finnish and it was introduced into major Finnish cities starting in March 2017. In a very short time, the service has had tens of thousands app downloads and users.

The service is dynamically priced, the price is always given before ordering and is final. Such affordable pricing is based on aggressive dynamic price versus service level algorithms, shared capacity and optimized use of the fleet.

Kyyti is service designed to complete the demand-responsive service spectrum. It is a wide-ranging, demand-responsive, shared-ride taxis/minibus to replace/supplement existing fixed route service, specifically for hard to serve areas currently using 12-meter buses and other large vehicles. It also serves as a genuinely less expensive taxi when viewed in per passenger-kilometer basis than most of the TNC services.

Information about PostBus Switzerland:PostBus Switzerland is a subsidiary company of the Swiss Post.
The Swiss PostBus service evolved as a motorized successor to the stagecoaches that previously carried passengers and mail in Switzerland, with the Swiss postal service providing postbus services carrying both passengers and mail. Although this combination had been self-evident in the past, the needs of each diverged towards the end of the twentieth century, when the conveyance of parcels was progressively separated from public transportation.

The buses operated by PostBus are a Swiss icon, with a distinctive yellow livery and three-tone horn. The company uses an image of a posthorn as a logo on its buses and elsewhere. On some mountain roads, indicated by a traffic sign of a yellow posthorn on a blue background, the buses have priority over other traffic.

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