Kyyti a technology supplier to the world’s first public MaaS in Sweden

The success of the Finnish MaaS startup Kyyti Group in Sweden continues. Earlier this year, the company received Sweden’s most significant technological innovation award; According to information released today in Sweden, Kyyti has been selected as the technology provider for the world’s first public service provider’s MaaS service in Linköping.

– Linköping has been a pioneer in Sweden as a developer and now also a provider of new mobility services. They have had the desire and the courage to strive to make full use of the new MaaS solutions so that public services are the backbone of the services, says Pekka Möttö, CEO of Kyyti Group.

– The MaaS service provided by the public operator ensures that public transport plays a major role in the provision of mobility services. The world has seen a number of cautionary examples of how many new mobility services have led to an uncontrolled increase in the number of vehicles in urban centers and a decline in public transport users. This is not in line with the goals of sustainable development, but, on the contrary, is something that the public sector generally try to avoid, Möttö emphasizes.

MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) means that all possible mobility services are combined for use in a single smartphone application. The service may include all public transport services (including metro, buses, trains, etc.) as well as private operator services (including taxis, rental cars, shared cars, city bikes, electric scooters, parking, etc.). The app provides a variety of options for different needs, from which the user selects the one best suited to the situation. The services used are paid for directly through the application.

– Linköping strives to implement its MaaS solution on a large scale so that the inhabitants of the city can fully benefit from the new services. According to Kyyti Group, Linköping will become a global landmark leader in this project, says Möttö.

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