PostAuto – From local deployment pilot to Kollibri-branded app

PostAuto Kollibri
PostAuto – Kollibri On-Demand Ridesharing service

PostAuto reached out to Kyyti Group for the production of a On-Demand Ridesharing service using the same platform Kyyti had proven in 2017 pilots. We formed a service design team with PostAuto’s team and BMI to identify local deployment model.

Between November 2017 and January 2018, Kyyti’s team took the identified service design requirements to implement the Kollibri-branded app and service for beta testing. The service was completed for launch capability by April 2018.

PostAuto launched the Kollibri On-Demand Ridesharing service with the Kyyti platform in October 2018. Kollibri currently operates in Brugg and provides commuters with convenient local transportation and a link to train connections to Zürich.

On-Demand Ridesharing service is integrated and complementary to existing public transportation. The aim of the service is to better existing local mobility alternatives.

The challenge

The aim of the service is to improve existing local mobility alternatives. Brugg is a small town with a total of 50’000 inhabitants in the surrounding area.

The challenges are:

  • poor connectivity within the region late in the evening
  • insufficient transport in some villages around Brugg
  • dependence on owning a car in some areas
Solution with Kyyti collaboration

Kyyti Group is proud to work with PostAuto to bring a new generation of on-demand shared mobility to Swiss communities. Kyyti digital solutions are demand responsive meaning greater cost-efficiency and better service in the area. With new multimodal Kollibri app users can plan and locate routes, schedule, order and pay on-demand trips. All using just one app.

Kollibri App

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